Saturday, May 21, 2011

Miscellaneous Musings...

OK just got back from seeing the Thor movie. I think we have our new Brad Pitt. When the lead actor Chris Hemsworth smiles, it's truly dazzling. wow. He's in his 30's so he's not a puppy, it's OK for me to like him! woot!

I got my slide pictures back... wow! I've posted just 1 of them in the blog... what do you think? I had them down by Van Rossen Photography . I'm very very pleased, and now I can apply to a couple of shows I was waiting on the new slides for!

West Glen Farmer's Market went great, despite the icky weather. We unloaded in the rain, then it stopped.. and then by 1130 am or so the wind picked up enough to make people sheltering over what's basically giant box kites nervous. Still, good time had by all, and I'm looking forward to next week's market and hopefully better weather! Considering the last few weekends, we are due some good weekend weather here in Iowa, don't you think?

At the show one of the commissions got picked up, and the client seemed delighted. It really makes me feel wonderful when people trust me to make them something unique and special for them or a loved one. Makes my heart warm all the way to my toes!

This weekend I've got another commission to finish up on, apply to shows, try to get my website working again ( see previous post, ugh!) general house stuff, and of course if I have time more jewelry!! I'm still on the chain maile kick.. maybe if you are all good and eat your broccoli I'll show you a picture!

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