Thursday, May 19, 2011

New Booth Set up

Here is my new booth.. mostly. Still tweaking things here and there, but I needed to get a new booth shot to apply to a couple of shows for later this year. Since I just got my new jewelry slides done, and the application dates are fast approaching, Jerry and I put the booth together Wednesday for the pictures.

The little girl is one of the Neighborhood kids. My little girl helped for about 10 minutes then escaped back to the inside of the house. And Special thinks to Suzie my next door neighbor, who allowed us to set up on her yard, as hers is level. At least compared to mine. My yard could stand in for a miniature alps play set!
Close up of the table configuration. Since I was taking booth shots, I didn't put out quite as much. Better to be uncluttered in jury pics!

I'll be at West Glen Farmer's Market this weekend.. If you are in the area stop by and see my new booth arrangements in person!

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