Saturday, July 23, 2011

banners on the brain.....


I have 2 shops on artfire, one for my jewelry, and one to destash supplies. I pay the monthly fee for my jewelry site, which gives me all kinds of tools to play with to help promote my pieces.

My destash store is free. That means I have almost no tools but I get to list my destash for free, and since most of it I just want out of my house, it allows me to price them reasonably.

Artfire is going away from free shops as of August 15Th. I understand the decision, and from a jewelry seller standpoint I'm excited as I think it's a good move overall. However I don't want to mix my beads with my jewelry on artfire, as I worked hard to achieve the 100% handmade badge. I cannot afford to pay for 2 shops. Right now the traffic really doesn't support paying for my jewelry site, but I believe in Artfire so I'm going to stick it out for now, in hopes it will just get better and better.

So now I need to switch my supplies somewhere else.

After giving it some thought, I've decided to open a new destash store on etsy. I have to pay fees to list which will change my pricing somewhat, but hopefully the greater traffic ( and better chance to sell) will worth the extra money.

Can you believe someone already had my name on etsy??!!?? (katsdestash) ugh!

So I've opened a shop named mkpdestash. I will be migrating listings from my artfire store over the next week, and then hopefully start listing new items.

Now I've got to remember how to make a banner again for the new etsy store!

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Shonette said...

just ran across your blog, good luck with the banner, hope the new shop works, :)