Sunday, July 31, 2011

Happy Wedding Anniversary to Me!

Yesterday was my 17Th wedding anniversary to my wonderful Jerry.

I'm not sure how most people celebrate anniversaries -- probably dinner and a movie? Our idea of a good time is simple : we went garage sale-ing.

Actually just spending time together works; but with jewelry shows most summer weekends, spending a morning checking out garage sales together is a real treat. The main goal is trying to find vintage costume jewelry and old board games, but we always keep our eyes open for something interesting.

While I did buy 1 piece of jewelry ( a very interesting brass chain actually you can see the pic above) the big finds of the day were furniture! We found this beautiful maple wood dresser with hutch at a tag sale and I just had to have it. We moved my old dresser to Jesscera's room as it's much bigger than her old one and in better shape. I'll take pics of it soon, right now it's in place in my bed room but it's not assembled yet.

I also found a nice computer chair for downstairs for cheap, and a kitchen type cart that is going up to the studio.

And I found a cricut expressions in brand new condition at a great price! it didn't come with a cartridge so I splurged and bought one to play with. I can't wait to figure out ways to use this in my jewelry making! I've got several ideas bouncing around in my head already for this. It still has the how to use CD ( it's never been watched actually, it's still in it's originally sealed plastic) and instruction book.

Maybe since it was such a special occasion we had such good luck. Usually I find a few books, a piece of jewelry and maybe a shirt for the girl!

To top off our day together, we also hit a couple of bakeries ( Nan's Nummies in Valley Junction, and La Mie's on 42ND) and book stores ( 1/2 price book store, our family favorite and Barnes & Nobles)

To cap the day's experience we had a late lunch/ early supper at Cosi Cucina .

Oh, and we did watch a movie, Land of the Dead, George Romero's 4Th Zombie movie from 2005. CReeeepy!

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