Wednesday, July 13, 2011

What's on the Desk 07/13/2011

OK, OK I know my posting has been spotty the last month, but I think I've got a handle on my schedule again. I am moving my What's on the Desk to Wednesdays as that's just a better day for me, instead of Monday. Weekends get so busy I don't always have time to actually work on things, let alone take pictures of them. Since Tuesday is my "studio day" where I get a block of time in the studio it made sense to move this feature to Wednesday. (Now I don't always get my beloved block of time on Tuesdays but that's a different post!! ) I plan to post at least twice a week, three times if I can swing it, but Wednesdays and Saturdays are my target days.

So what's on Kat's desk? Chainmail! I've just really been enjoying playing with rings. The first pic is a necklace I did last week, but I loved the colors on it.
This is a shot of my desk last week.. but I never got around to posting it. The scales are so much fun to play with.
Now this is my current project I'm working on right now.. It's another queen's link done with copper and Aluminum.

Something I get asked nearly every show is do I cut my own rings or not. I know saying "sometimes" is alittle wishy washy, but it's honest.

First of all, I've been playing with Aluminum rings the most. Anodizing, cutting and finishing my own Aluminum rings would require tools and equipment I simply do not have, so all the Aluminum rings are manufactured by others. I use mostly rings from 2 small, family type operations. They both have great quality and service and I feel very comfy buying rings from them.

Most of the other metal rings it's about 50 / 50 if I cut them or not. I do have the tools and materials to make rings in copper, bronze, and brass. Some of my rings I make and some I purchase, because frankly cost and time wise it's actually more efficient to purchase rings in those metals. So some I buy, some I cut, and it depends on what the project is and if I have the rings on hand or the time to cut some. If i continue on my chainmail craze then I'll probably start cutting more of the base metals ones. It's actually easier to get all the stuff out at once and cut a bunch of sizes/GA's at once. If I'm making several hundred at a time, the cost/time ratio tips more to my favor over purchasing.

I do cut all my own sterling rings at this time, because it's cheaper to do so. It's much more cost/time effective to cut my own sterling, as I already have the silver on hand, and it's so very expensive right now.

I'm mostly doing Aluminum and Aluminum with copper or bronze, as I'm really enjoying playing with color combos.

See ya in a few days!

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