Wednesday, July 20, 2011

What's on the Desk 7/20/11

..... has been on my desk before. I made this over a month ago, and I'm very pleased with the colors, *BUT* it's stiffer than I like. I had it out to sell for a couple of weeks, but I've pulled it back, it just doesn't have the fluid, slinky nature that I love about chain mail. So I'm going to redo it somehow.. not sure just what I'm going to do to fix it. I really love the color combos.. it makes me think of flames! or the fall ... but I just can't stand it's lack of drape.

This bracelet though illustrates one of the quirky bits about chainmail. Even when you are using the same size rings from the same company, sometimes it just doesn't come together like it's suppose to. This is the same size as all the other Queen Link bracelets I've made, but the red colored aluminum rings seem slightly smaller than the orange and yellow. When I use red as one of many colors, just that little, tiny bit smaller doesn't effect the overall piece. But when it's every other ring, it makes the bracelet 2 stiff, and I should be ashamed it ever made it out to the table to begin with!!

Since I really like the color balance, I'm not sure yet what I'm going to do to fix the problem. Course the first problem is REACHING my desk, as my studio is afloat with thousands of comics all over the floor and tables and just about every nook and cranny. ( you can read about my comic adventures here)

I have only 1 more show in July, it's my last Jazz in July event at 6:30pm this Friday July 22ND on the Casady Building lawn. I don't have anymore shows until August 6Th! I'm hoping this weekend I can take back my studio, at least most of it, and work on a few things!! I haven't made anything this week, and I'm getting antsy!

The super high temperatures and humidly haven't helped either. My studio in my converted attic, and even with the window unit when it's this hot and muggy, it's hard to keep it cool enough to get much done.

But I wanna play!!! I have some new brass coming in, some in a copper plate finish... I cannot wait to get that package!!

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