Sunday, July 10, 2011

I've joined the smartphone generation.....

Taken at Jazz in July just yesterday evening with my new i-phone. very fun evening!

After months of talking about it, Jerry and I broke down and finally got them. I got a iPhone, and he got an android ( so yes, we are a mixed household!) and frankly both are super! Both do incredibly cool things, and so far the differences between the 2 are minor and more of a cosmetic thing than not, except for 1 item.

I can make changes on my phone, easily, by doing them in i-tunes on the computer. It makes certain functions much easier to do, at least if you already have i-tunes loaded on your computer and you're familiar with them. But really the whole big fuss over "iPhone vs. androids" is really silly. I'm sure there are things on Jerry's phone I'll be green with envy, once we play with them more. Like most things in life, it all comes down to choices and trade-offs. One widget is great here, but if you have it you can't do this other thingie and visa versa.

I am loving what I can do with my new phone!! it has 2 cameras, one facing outward, and one Inward or screen facing. Eventually I could do teleconferencing with this if I wanted ( I don't really) but it's very neat feature. Here is me in my new sun hat with fancy hand painted scarf... lookin' good no?? I took this with my phone using the screen side. The picture on the top is taken using the normal "back" camera. The pics are pretty good unless I use the zoom feature 2 much, then they get fuzzy. I'm sure If I check settings I could increase the pixels and the pictures would be better.. I'll get around to it sometime. Meanwhile, I'm trying to get off level 4 in angry birds.

I love how I can take a pic with my camera and post it on facebook within minutes. Now that's really handy!

And I'm going to get a square for credit cards. Can't wait to try that out... easier for me and my customers at shows. I've been taking credit cards for years with a knuckle cruncher at shows, then running them when I got home. Now I can get instant wireless card processing and it's actually cheaper than my current option. woot!

anyone want to recommend apps, especially free ones?

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