Sunday, September 11, 2011

bali beads for sale 89.8 grams

**** beads are sold, thanks! ****

OK, if I send these to the refinery I can get $100 + for them due to silver being so high right now. But they are lovely beads and it seems a shame to melt them down .. so here is the deal, I'll sell them for $95.00 postage paid in the US, which means after fees/ postage I'll get about $90.00 for them. So save the beads!!!
I took pictures in 3 lots, it's over 3 oz.s total between the 3 lots. I just don't really use big sterling beads in my designs anymore, so maybe someone who does can buy them. so just click the button on top or on the bottom to buy these. thank you for saving a bead.

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