Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Zombie walk Des Moines.. even the undead can have a good cause!

I can hardly wait til Sat! I'm going to be in my first Zombie walk! It's actually the 3rd Annual Des Moines walk, but the last couple of years we were out of town.

More info here!

As if dressing up as the undead wasn't draw enough, it's for a good cause!! Central Iowa Shelter & Services is a wonderful organization helping Iowa families get back on their feet... they accept donations of money, and are on the look out for certain goods, such as coats and blankets. Read more about them here. They even take leftover food ... here is more information on donating.

If you need help on your make up, you can get it at the blazing saddle 11-1pm.

I hope I see you there, whether you are fast or slow, rabid or brain eater, or a trout zombie!

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