Friday, September 23, 2011

Recent Chainmaile

Just a few recent designs in chainmaile. I will fully admit I love rainbows and it seems I do rainbows quite a bit in chainmaile. It's just such a natural thing ! This Necklace is done in one of my favorite patterns: helm. The kewl thing about helm is you can make 2 necklaces in one.. this view you see mostly rainbow in the correct 6 color range. If you flip it over (sorry I know I should have a pick) it's large black rings with smaller colored rings inside.. so a dark rainbow.

Here are some earrings I've been making to match all of my rainbow chains.

This is a caterpillar pattern. This isn't a rainbow, but it's a progression of 7 different colors, with brass rings. I never seem to use the same size rings on this pattern.. the important thing is the middle rings are just large enough to keep the larger colored rings "floating" on the small inner rings. I realize that reading that doesn't make the most sense, but you should pick one of these things up, they are as fun to play with as a slinky and have the most wonderful drape!

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3 Peeps Designs said...

Oh these are great! I really want to learn how to create chainmaile jewelry but so far I've only gathered a couple of books and patterns. Someday!