Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Shows and Weather.....

This is what my tent looks like normally:

And this is what it looked like this weekend ---- notice the lack of shelves ( gusts of 20+ mph wind kept trying to knock them down.. notice how much the tent wall is blowing inward...) Because of the rain and wind, I didn't put up my normal busts as they melt in rain while my jewelry only needs to be cleaned. Strange eh?

Customers were few and far between, and gosh darn it, I can't blame them! It was nasty, cold and Sunday, wet.

Here is a view of where I sat most of Sunday, making stuff to keep me occupied in-between the 10 or so customers...
LOOK! there is a customer! wow! (look how fast they march by, trying to get out of the bad weather)

Here is someone's tent after the overnight storms.....
and one of the kewlest things I've seen at an art show, stilt walkers... woot!

I've been doing shows for 9 odd years, and it's just part of the business that sometimes you have bad weather. Unfortunately the last 3 years the trend seems to be to more extreme weather. How many 500 year floods have we had in the last 3 years?

And this summer, I did a couple of shows in 106 degree heat. That's not counting index, that's what the mercury said!

I've only got 1 more show on the books ( October 16th, East Village Sunday Bazaar ). Now I do have my eye on a couple of holiday shows, but for the most part the show season is done.

This weekend I plan to spend up in the studio doing whatever the heck I feel like doing... cause I no longer have deadlines.

It's a good feeling. I'm thinking sometime in the next 2 weeks I'm breaking out glass again.. I hear the kiln calling me.....

Honestly I'll probably do spring, summer and fall cleaning all at once cause it's pit like right now! I haven't had time to really get it up to snuff since June.

Whatever I do, I'm not going to force anything for a couple of weeks. I need some "down" time, to just unwind and remember who I am again.

Life is good, when you can slow down enough to appreciate it.

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