Wednesday, September 14, 2011

motivation (as in lack of)

trinity brass dragonflies and dyed agate beads.

I'm having motivation issues right now. I Have a big 2 day show coming up this weekend, in Maple Grove MN. I have today and tomorrow to get a few last minute projects done and I'm having trouble doing ANYTHING. seriously.

It's not that I don't want to make jewelry, I really do. There is so much I need to do right now... clean the house, help the kid with play practice ( she got a speaking part and she's only a freshman! woo woo ! ) do bills, research shows, print out all the materials for this weekend show, etc etc etc etc etc.

I just seem to be numb, unfocused and guilty cause I don't seem to be getting anything done.

I haven't even had supper yet... nothing sounds good from the fridge, and frankly nothing sounds good at all. Chinese is slightly tempting, mostly because I don't have a car so if I can't eat what's here it has to be delivered.

But calling the Chinese place seems like too much effort. Maybe I 'll just open a can of tuna or something. It would be cheaper.

I started a load of dishes, but the thought of actually *washing* them just makes me wilt.

It's like all the color has drained from my crayon box.

But hey, at least I can cross my blog entry off the list.

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