Wednesday, July 11, 2012


I both hate and love commissions.  OK, actually I love commissions, I just both hate and love them right NOW.  My brain is really switching to trip prep, and I've only got 2 shows left before the trip, and it's getting hard to focus on anything but the trip.

I am pleased to say that I finished and got ready to mail everything last night but one project. 

I need to work on a copper / earring set that is torched for color, and then all my commission decks are clear.  ( and I won't take on anymore before the trip... however if you were going to order something.. hey, I'm back and ready to go August 13th .... ) (hint hint)

I've had this on my desk now for almost 2 weeks, so I really need to get on it.  The trip ( need to add Woolite to the list for hand washing at hotels) is only part of my tardiness on this... as much of you know  and probably have experience first hand it's been beastly, dangerously hot of late.

Now imagine that 110 heat index in 600 + square feet in the attic studio with one little window unit after it's been heating up ALL DAY cause you know I don't get up there til 8-9pm at night.  ugh.  (double check we have enough insulin for Jer to last through the trip)

Now imagine turning a plumber's torch ON in the above hot hot hot room.

So I've been dragging my feet alittle on this project.. cause it's darn uncomfy in my studio when it's that hot outside.  (I should pack extra socks and underwear for everyone just in case)

This week finally the weather has broken.. its now normal July hot instead of insanely hot.  So Tonight if I have a few minutes I'll start work on this last commission.  (should I try wearing a real purse on the trip? it's been years since I've tried to wear a purse) It's not a hard project and I'll enjoy it once I get going on it....

I need to texture copper sheet
I need to cut out the shapes
I need to file and sand edges for safely on the cut out pieces
I need to punch holes in them for assembly
I need to use the torch to color them  (Must remember to send mom that email w/ the trip contact info in case of emergencies )
I need to seal them with ren wax and let them dry
I need to wire them together and add the rest of the beads
I need to clean them up
I need to contact my client and arrange for pick up/ mailing etc

So nothing hard at all, just several steps.  (Need to book the rest of the hotel stays)

Actually just writing this out gets me more excited to work on the project, so if I can squeeze even 30 minutes up in the lair tonight I'll get it started.  Wednesday is normally my catch up on the house day.  (must remember to buy extra cat food for the house sitter while we are gone) (maybe get a couple of cans for the cats as a treat... so maybe Jezzie won't pee on my work bag this time while we are gone)  I need to wash dishes, clean the kitchen, clean the bathrooms and fold laundry, among other household tasks.  (I can't wait I can't wait I can't wait --- ruins,dolphins,ship,Mexico,NewOrleans,scenery, oh boy!)

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