Wednesday, July 18, 2012

what's on the desk 7/18/12

 I've been hard at work for the hour or so I can stand to be in my hot hot studio.  ( Global warming anyone?)

Monday and Tuesday I've been cutting out metal, adding texture and cleaning pieces in prep to torch.  I started to paint and ink the pieces I wanted to paint, and today I added sealant.

I finally broke the torch out.  I promise this is the last time I whine about how hot my studio is right now... but seriously... how hot do you think the attic gets without the air-conditioning running and a plumber's torch going full blast?? I had a couple of windows open and the fan pointing toward them for venting purposes.  I soldered the sun pendants ( sorry no pics tonight... they are sitting in pickle overnight to clean them up ) and then used the torch to paint on color on 3 pairs of earrings and the bracelet and earrings I'm working on.  I need to add a 2nd layer of ren wax and start assembling pieces tomorrow... I'll probably let the suns sit in pickle for a couple of days.  My soldering skills were a bit rusty and I might have "scorched" the metal alittle more than I wanted to.
3/4 inch round, textured with 2 different hammers.  I love hammers!
Since I want to add a heat patina, I'm assembling as much of the bracelet as I can before I break out the torch.  If the pattern looks familiar, I'm creating a bracelet to match my bead soup necklace.
Really crappy pic, sorry I don't have as much light around this desk.  The top pieces are mostly painted and inked, then I add a sealant.  The bracelet and the earring pieces I've added heat patina, then waxed them to seal.

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AliMc said...

Looking good. Wishing cooler weather for you, it's dropped about 25 degrees here in the last 24 hrs.