Monday, July 2, 2012

Inverted Round chainmaile

doesn't look like much yet does it?

same as above, only completed!

here are the 3 I've made so far... next step is captive inverted round, where you put beads or rings inside the chain.  these bracelets are hollow so you can "add" to them.... hm... I wonder what a ribbon would look like running down the middle.


AliMc said...

Fibers might be fun too! I have thought about using some of the "hairy/thready" yarns I have in the center of some persian chainmaille pieces I have done. Not sure if you saw my last comment, wondering where you get your beautiful jumprings? Do you make them yourself?

Kat BM said...

hey there, I didn't have your email.... anyway rings are from either ring lord or blue bhudda... if you do internet searches there are several sellers of rings, but these 2 are my favorites. I both buy and cut the copper/bronze/silver etc ones.. depending on my mood