Monday, July 16, 2012

What's on the Desk - monday morning

What I really want to write about is how my Asthma seems to be getting worse and worse, but that's scary and I'll whine so instead this week I'm going to show you several projects being worked on all at once.

I love being able to work something start to finish and then go on to the next one... but with hot hot hot weather like this, I'm going to work several projects together as they require torch work at some point and I'm NOT turning that torch one more than once. 

So.... here you go, several projects that I hope (but not holding my breath) I'll get done before my Sat show.  Maybe by doing this it will encourage me to get them all done.

Last night I picked out the components I need, and even got some of them textured and cut out.  tonight if I can get the rest cut out I'll be happy... as Monday I don't normally get much studio time at all. 

More tomorrow.

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