Monday, September 23, 2013

Going on Vacation......

Manufacturing label from a 1898 volt-meter ... made into a bracelet

The show went really well, it was a good way to end the summer season.

I'm going to take a week (or 2) off ---- this weekend I have girl's weekend with my good buddies in South Dakota and in general recharging my batteries. 

We might have something going on in October, but I don't want to jabber about something that isn't set in stone yet... and I have 1 show in November - Art on the Prairie in Perry IA which I'm very pleased to be in. 

I'm really looking forward to exploring more ways to recycle old mechanical gagets into jewelry, and I want to get back to my glass -- I've hardly touch my kiln in almost a year!!  And more etching, chain-mail, etc etc etc.  Some where in all of that I suppose I might finally give the house a good cleaning... nahh!!

I'll be sharing my adventures on a regular basis on this blog like always!    So, see you in a week or 2

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