Saturday, September 7, 2013

Wonderful Day in Cedar Falls, and it now it's Sunday Bazaar in the East Village tomorrow!

Brass and rubber... the round parts actually can move

Had soooo much fun making this one, a "cha" cha" with vintage subway tokens, vintage glass pearls , and key charms with crystals. 
OK had a fab fab day in Cedar Falls today for Artapalooza on Main !! I 've always loved this show, they are so darn friendly and nice down here. 

I had one adventure I want to relate.. right at the end of the show, 2 gentlemen bought bracelets for each other.  I soooo wanted to ask if they were married, but it seem rude... but they had matching wedding rings on, or at least rings on the wedding finger that matched.. so it seems like a pretty good bet.   It makes me so happy to see same sex couples out and about enjoying themselves just like married folk should. 

Iowa is so laid back and middle of the road about most things, and I think after just a couple of years with gay marriage.. I think most Iowan are OK with marriage equality now.  (Though I think more Iowans were OK with it before the ruling, see the part about about laid back...)

Anyway, it just gave me such a lift that last minute sale!!  I've always strongly supported gay marriage, gay equality -- I've just never understood why people had problems with the concept that gays are, well, people. 

Anyway, tomorrow is East Village Sunday Bazaar noon to 4pm.  I need to try to whip out a few items as my inventory got hit hard today!

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