Sunday, September 8, 2013


New brass stampings, with chain and crystals

I adore butterflies! so do my customers as both of these are long gone.  I have some ideas for updated versions, just soooo little time!
After the show yesterday, I was wiped out!! We were busy busy busy, and especially the last 2 -1/2 hours it was HOT.

Not as bad as the weekend before, but still, pretty stinky/humid/hot.

So, while I really wanted to get up in the studio and make a bunch of stuff in time for Bazaar today, I whilted after 1 pair of earrings, and I was in bed before 11pm.

For those who know me well, yes, that is rather shocking.  I must be getting old.

So of course, I wake up this morning, the first time, around 6am.

I went back to bed, and finally gave it up about 7am.

Nobody else is up yet, and so I find it irresistible to play on the Internet now that's it's really working well again.  For maybe the last month(?) it's not been working well at all, but we had a tech come out and now it's faster then it's been in years!

And it hasn't gone down yet, finger's crossed...

I actually spent a few minutes checking out my friend's facebook and ran across this on my buddy Sue's page: 30 things to stop doing to yourself

Now, while I've heard most of this before, maybe I'm just more receptive to it this morning then I've been in the past.  Maybe my gawds awful last couple of weeks is making me more introspective. (no I'm not going to explain what's wrong, it's mostly resolved now)

Regretfully, I don't really have TIME to be introspective.  I have 2 weeks left of shows, 4 shows in those 2 weeks, and I need to get inventory done.

But I'm really looking forward to having a break -- and having the time to stop and think before plunging into the next thing on the schedule, to get the house in better shape, to read a book and not feel guilty because I don't have time to read right now, to recharge my creative batteries, because I"m feeling pretty creatively drained.  Heck, I'm feeling pretty drained in general.

To sleep in on a Saturday.  To sleep in on a Sunday ( Assuming I don't wake up at 6am!!)

The sad thing about getting up at 7am today is I could have slept in... East Village Bazaar isn't til noon, and we have decided to do our "wind" set up.. it's faster to set up and actually, it will be windy today  - so if we get out of the house by 1045am, being ready for customers at noon will be no sweat.

it's 830am now, I think it's studio time!


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