Saturday, September 14, 2013

my version of a "bib" necklace ... done in chainmail

sold (though I could make something similar )
 Tomorrow is my last East Village Sunday Bazaar ---- noon to 4pm down on Grand and 5th.

One of the groups I belong to is B'Sue's Creative Group on Facebook ( anyone can join, but it's moderated and screened, to keep the spammers at bay) Every month she runs a friendly challenge just to get creative juices flow.  Normally during the summer I can't really participate, I just don't have the time between real life, shows, work and family.

This month is Bib necklaces I realized I've actually made a couple in the last few weeks, not on purpose, but I can post them!!

These are done in chainmaile and scales.   I love how they turned out, have lots of movement and are just frankly cheerful!
This one is just gosh darn cheerful!

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