Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Riverssance Art Fest in Davenport, IA

Tag from a motor, probably from the 1930-40's.  The motor was mounted on a 1903 sewing machine.  it was common for folks to add a motor to a older treadle machine, giving it new life.   ( I have a Sears catalog from 1923 that advertises this very thing! )

Old pen caps, and hoops made from vintage adding machine.  I have no idea of the age on these, couldn't find enough info online.
This weekend is Riverssance!  One of my favorite shows each year... and a good show to end on.  I only have 1 more show scheduled in November... I am looking at some other possibilities, but this weekend really ends my normal show season.

It's been a good one!! 

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