Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Big Eye Monsters Part II

 These Big Eye Monsters I consider my flighty sisters.  All are made using the same brass base, vintage rhinestone chain, wings and of course eyeball cabs.  But they are all different, just as sisters will be. 

The top Monster is all ready to soar up in the sky, her wings ready for a powerful down stroke to lift her up.  She's dressed up and ready to go with her vintage pearl drop.
 This Big eye sister is laid backed,  just coasting driving amongst the clouds, letting the wind currents take her where ever they wish.  She's all about fate and destiny and she will get where she needs to go cause that's how it all works.
This sister isn't jealous, despite being green-eyed monster..  She's got a fancy vintage pearl drop just like sister #1, but she's also easy to get along with like Sister #2.

 Here are all 3 sisters, doing lazy circles in the sky!

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