Sunday, February 1, 2015

Recent vintage finds ..............

Remember that big bag box of goodies I was waiting for??? the biggest surprise, a large cache of authentic vintage pocket watch keys.  Wooooo!  I see earrings in the future, but I also see Kat hoarding these.  As you can see got a bunch of very fine, lovely skeleton keys and clock keys as well.  These were all bonus since I bought the lot these were not pictured.

This was also in the big box, another drooool worthy moment.  I love the arched shape of these, Jerry has of course stripped it down for the gears.. I'm keeping the movement plates on this though, I have some vague thoughts for them.

A really nice Typewriter, and it still works.  This hasn't been ripped up yet, because it's soooo nice.. not sure I have the heart to rip apart.  It's from 1939.

Last weekend Jerry and I spent time up in the studio, me making jewelry or sorting for the upcoming flea market we are doing, and he was salvaging parts for the business.  This is the bottom of a L. C. Smith typewriter from the 1930's.  Kya is inspecting his work.  Kya is quality control!

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