Friday, February 6, 2015

No shows in February after all

The clock part is from a mantel clock from the 1890's or so.. I added tube rivets for decoration, I love how this looks.
Well Drat.

After much thought, Jerry and I decided to postpone our debut on the other side of the flea market table due to family illness.  Namely Jesscera, Jerry and I seem to be taking turns passing each other a virus.  Jesscera is much recovered, Jerry and I seem to be feeling worse and worse.  I'm hoping that by drinking lots of OJ and sleeping most of the time (with breaks to stare at the walls wondering why most of my body feels like a baseball bat was used on it) by Monday I'll feel better.  Jerry should start feeling better tomorrow if it follows the same course as Jesscera's.  Fingers crossed.

Susie, being a fine, understanding human being and having no desire to get sick herself is just A- OK with us moving our flea market adventure to March... But seriously you DSM folks, go to the Flea Market, it's safe from us disease vectors and go buy some soap and say hi to Susie, the wonderful understanding human being.

The other show for the month I hadn't talked about much, but I was getting excited for.  It was to be at Valley Junction At the Coffee Shop (Inspired Grounds, got to love that name!!) and the same weekend as a bridal show.  Because of the bridal show, I have been thinking hard about bridal jewelry, but done in my own unique Mechanical Romance style.  I got one piece of this done yesterday.. and today I'm informed that the show has been canceled.


I'm kicking around doing more steamy bridal pieces anyway, cause it's such a kewl idea.  Maybe I can just put them up on etsy.....

Still it's a bummer all the way around.   I guess this is what I get for trying to do shows in the winter...

On a bright note, if I can get my head to stop pounding maybe I can go up the studio and sort or something.  Not sure I'm up for anything more vigorous that that right now.  Otherwise, I'll just chug some OJ and maybe start that sleeping all weekend I've been dreaming about all day at work.

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