Wednesday, April 1, 2015

first show is just 4 weekends away.... eep!

I made this on girl's weekend.. I think I was inspired by all the companionship !!
My first show is sort of a different show for me, it's Junk Jubilee . (April 24-26)

I'm really looking forward to it-- It's sort of a antique / recycled art / everything including the kitchen sink show.  Jerry and I checked it out last year and had a blast... some of the art was amazing and of course wall to wall antiques.  Heaven!  Since my jewelry has shifted to mostly my Mechanical Romance line, I feel ( I hope! ) it's a good fit.  If it is they have a equally fab show in the fall..   and they will be service drinks at the show... Bloody Marys, Mimosas, & beer.  How classy is that?  So my fingers are crossed that this will end up being a great venue for us.

This is gonna be a strange strange year I think.  Due to graduations , and other family events this year, I have weekends crossed out that normally I would have 2-3 different shows to consider... I'm getting into some shows I wasn't expecting to and not getting into shows I was hoping for... It's driven me to consider other venues besides art shows, because with the travel limitations we have this year, I have to branch out.

Hopefully next year the hubby will be a full fledged teacher, and that's gonna change things as well... it will be even harder to schedule shows working around whatever his schedule will be.  On the other hand, next year might be a good year to slow down shows, and really catch my breath.. we have been doing 20-25 shows every summer for the last 5-6 years. I would like to maybe be in 10-15 shows and be in galleries again.  A slower show schedule would allow me to do a gallery or 2 full time I think...

Another type of show I've thought about, but haven't tried: steampunk convention.  We will be dipping our feet in that market in May, by doing Steampunk Mid-West in Boone IA.  Dates for that is May 16-17th, and  I will have more info in a future blog.

This weekend I'll be updating my website with the list of shows.  I'll all so be working like a mad woman trying to get more inventory done, shopping for a prom dress, and a 1000 other things that I can't get out of.
OK, I don't want to get out of some of them.... now dishes... :)

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