Wednesday, April 8, 2015

We now interrupt this jewelry blog with .... prom dress shopping??

Jesscera and Best Buddy Bree! (and the Mom is hiding behind them)
 Last weekend I did something I wasn't sure I would ever do.. shop for a prom dress.  I never went  I'm not sure I exactly regret not going to my proms, but I know that I probably wouldn't regret had I gone either.  It's sort of a rite of passage isn't it?

Jesscera isn't really a girly-girl, and she's not into dating at this stage of her life.  I think she's maybe worn 3-4 dresses since she was little, if that.  She loves to wear t-shirts and shorts and fake crocks and funny hats.  She's quite the character! 

If it was up to her she would probably just skip it, but her friends are going ( some with dates, some without) and they realllllly want her to go.
Aunt Karla, honorary 2nd mom, overcome with emotion....

color is good, but the sleeves are funky!
She asked my opinion, and I told her I couldn't conceive of her regretting going, but she might, down the line, regret not going.  It's very rarely the things we do that we regret, more than the things we don't do.

So dress shopping seemed to be in order.  I've only bought 1 fancy dress in my entire life, and that was years and years ago.  I really had no idea where to go or even where to start!

Fortunately her best buddy is a expert shopper, and proud of it! 
We ended up going to David's Bridal in West Des Moines and that was an excellent place to start -- we ended up buying everything we needed there. 
Finally the perfect dress, the perfect fit!

These are the shoes, aren't they darling?? We are getting them dyed to match her dress...
 And here is the really exciting thing for me, the Mom and independent jewelry designer!

Jesscera actually asked me to make her jewelry for the dress!! this is the first time she really wanted me to make her something!  ( seriously, she's not girly-girl) 
Happy and victorious shoppers! Time for Olive Garden!

I'm really excited, not only does she want me to make something, but it makes me even more involved in this part of her life.

So that's on the list for this coming weekend....

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