Saturday, April 18, 2015

Tonight is Prom Night!

So, Tonight is the Night, and it's not just Jesscera and friends... she's going with a date. 


So anyway, Jesscera for the first time ever requested jewelry for her prom, and she wanted armlets, bracelets for her arms, to go with the vague Greek theme of her dress.

I was delighted to help her with this, and I got to play with my hammers, which are pretty neglected of late. I used 14Ga  sterling silver round wire, carefully shaped and textured, and then bent into a bracelet.  I'm pretty pleased, I only had to refit it once to make it work for her.

Bree ( of the shopping fame) came over to help her get ready, which seemed to consist of lots of giggles and making Jesscera do things she normally doesn't do.  ( she's wearing a tiny, tiny tiny dab of make up... horrors!)

Here is Jesscera showing the whole ensemble off.

Here is a close up of the shoe.

Here is a close up of the armlet.  She has one for both arms.

And here is her Date!

I hope you have a good time sweetie, makes lots of memories!!

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