Thursday, April 23, 2015

Junk Jubilee Starts Tomorrow!!!

I'm very excited, we are doing our first official show of the season starting Tomorrow (April 24th) at the Iowa State Fairgrounds... Junk Jubilee!    It's a three day show, it starts offically tomorrow at 10, runs til 6pm, same on Sat. and on Sunday it's 10-4pm.  It costs $6 at the door, but it's worth every penny -- some of the best midwestern anitque dealers and reclaim artists will be there.  I'm in good good company... Above are some of my elegant clock part bracelets ready for the show.

Since it's both a anitque and a art show, I"m also going to have a small selection of old bits we can't use in the business.  So if you are into steampunk creating yourself, it's worth a peek in my destash bins.  Clock parts, Watch and pocket watches, bits of typewriters, sewing machines, and adding machines already taken apart... so the hard part is done for you.  

Home to see you there! 

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