Friday, April 24, 2015

Junk Jubilee: when I win the lottery.......

These are the things I would buy:

 These Lamps are fab fab fab, and actually once we are firmly in the 2 income family group and are done buying off colleges, we could probably afford them!  So in 10 years....

 It's just as well this is out of my price range at $1295.00, because Jerry's like it won't fit in any of the doors except the garage... so If I want it for the garage.... ugh! I can daydream right? that it was possible to get it up in the attic.  I would kill for something like this up there... sigh.....
 I can't believe how clean these are.. I've seem stuff like this before but usually it's smelly (moldy/rusty) but this one is stellar clean and good shape!  If anyone in the DSM area can get it in their house, I think $1295.00 is pretty reasonable.  It's got to be 9-10 feet long.

Now this could fit in my house, but alack, it's almost $2400.00.  It's octagonal if you can't tell from the picture, and yes, it revolves.  Can you imagine this just right by your desk?????   each pyramid shaped drawer has 2 sections in it.    DROOOOLLLLLLLLL

Still someday I'll win that lottery !

come down to the Junk Jubilee and find your own treasures!

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