Sunday, August 28, 2016

Earring Musings

I guess that's my goal for this week, restock earrings.  I've made a pretty good stab at it so far this weekend, right now in fact I'm working on more time in a bottle and rainbow bottle earrings.  I'm making more watch part earrings ( the above pic are some of my past hits) and cat gear and retaining ring and and and...

as always, never enough time.

What earrings do you like?  Do you wear different ones everyday or do you have the Steady Freddy pair that you wear almost everyday?

Earrings can say alot about a person.  I tend to cycle amongst favorite pairs, and if I'm not wearing them it's probably because I'm sick or ran late in the morning.

Right now my favorite pair I can't wear, because I lost one of them.  I'm about ready to remake them because I want to wear them again!  And then I will find the missing brat!

My other favorite pair is hoops with pearl drops.   Then the retaining ring ones, and the blue with vintage watch face, and oh, the pair with pocket watch regulators, and.....

So what does your favorite pair of earrings say about you?   Maybe you haven't found them yet?

One of the kewlest things about making jewelry is knowing, bone-deep, that somewhere, someone(s) is wearing earrings, and they are their favorite pair.

And I made them.

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