Wednesday, August 24, 2016

I hate being sick.....

A bracelet made when I wasn't sick!  I do love how the pearls look on this.
but I do it soooo well, as my hubby points out.   Last weekend started out pretty good, a quick visit to my Sister in IL, antiquing on the way to and back, what could be better?  

I started to feel.... off.... around 2pm at the last antique shop we hit Sunday.  It didn't have air-conditioning, and it was stuffed to the rafters with interesting bits-- but sometimes I have problems with that.  Kind of claustrophobic actually.  So I just thought the heat and the closing in was situational.   We stopped and ate and during the meal I just suddenly felt overly full, but I hadn't eaten all that much.

the trip home was 6-1/2 hours total, and the last 70 miles I white knuckled it.  By then I knew I was sick, I was having chills and then too hot and rolling waves of nausea and my mental mantra was "oh god, let me get home before the pucking starts"  

I did, fortunately, but that was my last bit of luck for about 36 hours.   I completely lost Monday, it's all a blurry haze, as I got sick, cleaned it up, went back to bed for a few hours, and started the cycle again.   Tues was better, still spent a chunk in bed because everything hurt, and I managed to eat and keep down about 15 crackers and 2 bites of stew.  I did get up in the studio, because well, that's my zen space.  I always feel better in my studio.

So Today, where am I?   Better, but I still body hurt somewhat and I can't shake this headache from hell that I got on Sunday.  It's less intense at least.  I haven't dared to take pain medication for it, as on my best of days Ibuprofen can make me sick.  I think I've covered my vomiting quota for this century already.  I'm not allowed to take Tylenol due to my already wacky health problems.

The best I can say is my asthma didn't decide to jun the fun as well, which is what usually happens when I get sick.

The real question-  is this food poisoning or is it the stomach flu?  You would be surprise how many attacks of the flu are actually food poisoning.  Course when you are worshiping the Porcelain Goddess, you really don't care until after the fact.  Jerry and Jesscera aren't sick, so maybe it was food poisoning.  Then again, my immune system sucks, and thankfully theirs do not, so who knows.

Stay well my friends.  

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