Sunday, August 7, 2016

Repair Jobs Are Us

Wing clean off!
I try to make my jewelry sturdy within the limits of the materials I work with, but things happen.  In this case, the dragonfly wing got caught and bent up a couple of times... and eventually the metal broke.  
I'm just holding it in place, trying to decide what to do to fix it

It happens, but when it happens to a piece of jewelry you buy from me, let me know.   I won't get mad, I'll get it fixed.  I'll fix / resize / change out earwires and I'll usually do it for free because I like to make people happy.  Now if you run over something with your car or feed it to lions, we might have to talk about it, but generally I want customers to be happy with their purchases.  

I think the screws actually add alittle something-something to this mechanical romance design!  So happy accident right?  The repair is almost invisible and it just looks like embellishment... the customer was very happy.
I don't make wal-mart jewelry you throw away after it breaks in 2 days... I make jewelry that will hopefully stay around in your jewelry case because you love to wear it for years to come.  So let me know, and let me make it right.

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