Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Vintage bling meets Vintage Gears part II

These three necklaces show clock parts with vintage broaches / pins.  This top one is really special, it's actually 10K goldfilled, but I love the scroll work on it!  The charm hanging off the clock key is fake coin charm from a old charm bracelet.
I love this green crystal heart broach, and I think it looks fab on top of a old clock gear.  I even used a old jewelry necklace for the chain.
This owl pin was in a lot of mixed old and new junk jewelry, I would guess it's not really that old.. so I used some magic in the form of paints and patinas to make it look even older.  I added the bling from a broken necklace on the bottom.

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Susan Yorke said...

I really love this new (old) look! Combining old costume jewelry with your industrial and clockwork parts is so cool!