Thursday, August 4, 2016

Vintage Bling meets Vintage Gears part IV - last entry for now!

The top one is my favorite, or maybe it's the bottom one.  I love them both for such different reasons.  The top one has the most bling, and in amethyst - it's also got layered gears making it have great depth.

The bottom one is using part of the brass framework you find in clocks with a gear added back to the middle.  It's hard to see the color of the bottom crystals but it's the incredible vintage beige color crystal... I'm not a brown girl unless it's' this vintage shade!  It's very close to the modern color of Colorado Topaz but it's got an edge on that, as so many of the vintage colors do!
So I've shown you the first batch, what do you think? Does it work? I hope it does I want to make more !!!

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