Thursday, July 5, 2018

Farmer's Market this Weekend!

You know, it's been really really hot lately, so hot that it's been hard to work in the studio.  Our house doesn't have central air, and I don't have heating up in the studio... I make due with window units, oil heaters, and fans during temperature extremes.  Regretfully, in this 95-102 degree weather, I sweat like a pig and take air-conditioning breaks.  My bedroom window unit is fantastic, so 10-15 minute cooling breaks make it slightly more do-able.   So this pic is me hanging out with my beady buddy Kya, both of us enjoying the waves of cool air traveling over our bodies.   Some days I feel like moving my studio into my bedroom!! 

It looks like the heat broke finally.. it's still in the high 80's today but it's not quite as humid... right now the weather for Saturday's Des Moines Downtown Farmer's Market sound excellent... high in the mid 80's and humidity around 50 %.. which is higher than I like but compared to last week, it's a balmy day! 

Here's another thing to be excited about -- we have been selling necklaces like hotcakes !  The dragonfly below is long gone, it sold the first FM I had it at.  But I loved making it, I love making bigger pieces where I can really express myself.    I've been hard at work the last few weeks making new necklaces - and earrings - and bracelets.  I'll have a sneak peek later tonight or tomorrow in facebook.

Or come in person to FM and see them yourself! 7-12pm  across the street from Hy-Vee on 4th st. 
 I have a few more that I am hoping to finish before Saturday Morning, and I bet Kya will help me, even if the studio is still warmish!

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