Tuesday, July 17, 2018

I'm getting old.......

One of my newer pieces, vintage clock gears, vintage pocket watch face
 Well I have 1 word for how my 3 day show went: pain.

Jerry and I both feel so old, cause 3 days shows, even when everyone is super friendly and happy and want to spend money.... 3 days is just too much stress on our poor old bodies.

Doing shows is hard work!

If you are outside, you have to deal with possible weather extremes and smokers. ( No  comments that I'm being mean, I have asthma and I just can't be around it.  It's a health issue)

Inside you deal with lighting issues.

We have to load the car, unload and set up in the space, and when it's over load the car again.

Here's what's gets hauled around for a typical show:

3 tables
6-7 crates of displays and selling materials. 
2 heavy and large metal shelves
bamboo coverings for the tables
cash box
2 heavy bags of jewelry supplies so I can customize on the fly during the show
2 bags of jewelry
2 chairs
floor cushion tiles
10x10 tent
assorted stuff, usually an extra bag worth.
4 8-10 lb blocks of concrete  (tent weights)

All of this seriously fills up the entire van.  We have enough space for 2 people to sit, 3 if they don't mind having a crate or the cooler in their laps.

I haven't weight this stuff, but I bet it's at least 150lbs pounds. 

Being "on" all the time.  Standing up for chunks of time, or sitting in crappy folding chairs. 

Don't get me wrong, I'm grateful and glad to do my shows, make new friends with customers, sell items and have a good time.

But it takes it out of you, both mentally and physically.  One day shows is fine, it's just the longer shows that prove really tasking. 

Last year and this year both we are doing fewer shows, mostly concentrating on Farmer's Market.  I think that trend will continue. 

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