Monday, July 2, 2018

Mostly Random Thoughts and pics

I've not really felt like blogging of late, but I really need to get back into good habits.  Since I have the attention span of a Gerbil , it seems time for a random thought post. 

First, the really kewl necklace above sold at the last FM, so I don't have it anymore, but I loved that it started out as a old vintage boy scout order of the arrow bookmark.

I loved the shape it had, so building it was really just about making a silhouette that I liked as much as the original shape. 

It's amazing where we find stuff to make jewelry out of.  Today Jerry was paying our parking for work.. which is a downtown church.  Someone had dropped off a domestic sewing machine as a donation.  Jerry asked them how much, they looked at him like he was crazy, but he bought it on the spot.

I love the domestics sewing machines.  They got bought out in the early 30's but they continued to sell the stock with the old branding until they ran out.   I just adore the tag on these, "domestic" in a pretty script. 

I usually just make bracelets out of the tag, but I got a idea of a big statement piece using it.  I hope I can carry it out, it looks fantastic in my head! 

I am a NPR junkie at work when I can.  However for my mental health, I'm thinking I need to limit listening or cut it out entirely, it's just so damn depressing and I  get so furious at the raging hypocritical government we currently have.  Don't get me started.

I'm noticing a trend in commercials, more and more gay couples are being portrayed in a positive, "this is real life" affirming way.  Yeah!    One last year had 2 dads worried about a sick child, and I just saw a Vegas commercial this weekend featuring 2 women getting married.

This means of course that Gay folks are not as cool anymore.. cause they are mainstreaming.  I bet they are OK with this, at least the mainstreaming part :)

So raised your hand if you cried during Handmaid last week.  I dread / can't wait for the new episode next Wednesday . 

I love my hubby.

I'm almost 50.   My body is wearing out.  My soul will be forever.

Asthma Sucks. 

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CraftyHope said...

That necklace is so darn cool. I'm sure the recipient is quite happy with it. Can't wait to see how your DOMESTIC necklace works out.
Yes, Handmaid gets me weekly!
And, the general...any sensible station (like NPR) is depressing because it's telling the truth. And, there's so much ignorance and blatant "I don't care" in this world. I know I'm guilty of it sometimes. I constantly worry that without more activism and awareness, we'll end up in a state like in Handmaid. It scares the shit out of me.