Monday, July 9, 2007

no pictures this time..... but Happy Camper Kat!

I just had to share this with everyone... Last Sat was my last show til August... I've had back to back shows every weekend since May 5th. While I enjoy talking to customers and the $$, I"m so glad for the break!!! I'm getting low on basic inventory needs, and frankly, I love the idea I have some time to make some great pieces!! Doing the Winter Queen's necklace reminded me how much I love to really get into making bigger, time- intensive pieces. We are also taking a week long trip to SD as a family, I"m very excited about this!! Hopefully tomorrow I'll have some pictures of the pendants I've made over the last couple of days... I'm also working on "Water to drink" from week 23, and trying desperately to come up with an idea for "Phoenix and dragons" Week 28. I'm supposed to be thinking mythical creatures, and all I can seem to sketch today is flowly heart designs.. once of which I"m dying to try cause if it looks as good in real life as it does on paper, it's going to be wicked!!! maybe I'll just give up and do it and call it "dragon's heart " or something ! LOL Anyway, even though it's a quick break ( doubt I'll do much beading on the trip!! ) I really needed it to recharge the batteries and just have some fun... I love to play with my wire and beads!!

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