Thursday, July 26, 2007

We Went to South Dakota This Summer!!! Pt 1

Wow! We had much Fun, even if the first 2 days of the trip was well, not as promising!! First Stop Friday Was Sioux Falls, home of some of my "best friends" ... Fellow beaders Named Cathie & Sue, with friend Matt (he who carries lots o' beads for the girls at shows!) I am ashamed to say I didn't get any pictures of them together or at least any that turned out. Anyway, we hit town around 5;30pm, and got together for Chinese and Good company. I finally got to meet Cathie's Hubby Johnnie. I've known Cathie & Sue for years, but never had a chance to meet Cathie's charming husband before! Then we visited the falls that Sioux Falls are named for. It really is a nice park!!!

Unfortunately Jerry got sick that night (food poisoning??) and stayed nauseous for a few days. Meanwhile Jesscera developed a rash or infection around her eye. By Saturday she was so swollen on her left side of her face she could hardly see!! We took her to a local urgent care clinic and they gave her both antibiotics and allergy cream. They were not sure which it was either. That evening Johnnie made a mess of the best tastin' BBQ and we were back on the road. We stayed in Chamberlain that night, and on Sunday headed for Rapid city with lots of stops.. For example we stopped at the 1880 town for lunch, and decided to check out the rest of the town. Little did I know Cisco, the original horse from Dances With Wolves was still alive!! The sign states he is 31 years old. I am not a horse person, but you can tell Cisco is special. Jerry calls this my "horse moment" Jesscera and I petted and talked to him, and he kept doing little horse bows and tricks. He looked you straight in the eye and it really was a moment. Then it was badlands time, taking scenic by route 240. The picture with Jerry ... he is way way way out on a ledge.. the new camera takes pretty good pictures, I'm a good 50 feet or more away from him. Then here is one with me and Jess, just hangin' out in the 102 degree weather, enjoying the scenery while we melted. Thank goodness for our hats!!

Then Wall Drug (of course!! ) and then to Rapid City, which would be home base for the next 4 nights. The hotel is very kewl has a built in waterpark. Our room was a large one with a divider, and had a microwave and fridge.
Monday we went caving, to Crystal Cave and to the Black Hills Cave, jerry was happy.. he loves caves!! I can't remember which cave this picture is from.. it turned out pretty good considering we were 100's of feet underground!! And then we came back and let Jesscera play in the waterpark for 3 hours, so she was happy. That is Jesscera tipping the water bucket. More in part 2!!


The bad Liz said...

Great pictures Kat!! Jesscera is really growing up, isn't she!?? Can't wait for more pictures!!

Anonymous said...

Great narrative and pictures, Kat! I've seen some of those things, but not all of them. It's a great part of the country for seeing the sights.
Jesscera is going to be as tall as you pretty soon!