Sunday, July 8, 2007

YOJ: Week 26th & 27th

OK I"m off topic for week 26th... I had 3 commissions last week I had to get done, so they took priority... not that I"m upset about that, as one of the commissions I had soooo much fun doing!!! Yep, Winter Queen's Crown the necklace and matching earrings is done!!!

Here is a shot of it almost done, as I"m working on assembling the piece and finishing up the end sections. And here are several shots of the finish piece. They are dark, I think I need to replace my ott light.. but it's already been mailed to the lucky and hopefully delighted customer! I am so pleased how it turned out, It just seem to flow out of me.. it's over 7 hours of work spread out over the last 2 weeks. Considering I"ve had a show each weekend and I work full time (besides the art!) and a mommie to an active 10 year old, I"m impressed with myself for getting it done within the 2 week time frame. The necklace and earrings have over 33 feet of wire in them, a bunch of pearls and small silver beads. I used 3 different hammers on it to achieve the look, and a neck mandrel. I love how the earrings turn out also... I have a big piece of wire that I bent for this project, but after getting the other sections done it didn't look right to me.. so I 've got a framework for another piece. I"m thinking major color this time!!

OK, Week 27th's theme is "Flames of Passion / Fire in the Belly", and actually my 3rd commission this past week works right into this. The customer wanted a red necklace for her daughter to wear at Cancer benefit. Considering the theme, the necklace is well, red, and a benefit is something to feel passion about. No wirework on this one, and I wish the picture was better, the drape on this is wonderful! I used the allure components and Swarovski crystals in Siam in different sizes. I like the earrings also. The customer hasn't picked this up yet, but I"m sure she will be pleased how it turned out.

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