Sunday, July 22, 2007

Pendant Pictures

Well I'm back safe and sound from South Dakota!! I'll try to write about that soon, but I don't have more than 10 minutes and I wanted to show my pictures of pendants made before I left! First up are 2 more "dragon wings" without crystals.. they are made in copper and pearls, these are actually the prototypes that made up the fossil dragon wing necklace.

Next I made this heart up with copper wire. This heart is glass. Not completely happy with this, but it's OK. ( it was very hard to wrap, very slippery, and it kept slipping out of the wrap!! )
Next is another Reuther style wrap. Funny thing is I keep doing these wrong, I keep going left or something when he goes right. Oh well, they look great, but I know I"m not "doing them" right, it's kind of odd. And the Back is ugly... Vintage occupied Japanese glass cab, gold filled wire.

Next is a very simple agate stone with copper, I was trying to go very minimal on this, I think I looks nice!! not as secure as the Reuther style or the border style, but I like the simple approach.
This next one is an arrow head copy, also done very simply and with copper. To continue the "simple" theme I did this donut.. now I"m really happy with the donut... it took like 1 minute to do once I figured it out, and it looks great!! I need to find some more donuts!
Then I tried another Reuther style wrap, it failed miserably, so I cut it apart ... and found that part of it looked cool... so I added a crystal dangle in the middle. I like how this looked, not sure I captured it in the photo very well.
Then I tried again, and this time it came out beautifully!! Couldn't be more pleased, in fact I've claimed it as my own, and wore it on my trip!!! I really should sell it... but I think not for now at least.

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No Easy Beads said...

Kat, I love stopping by your blog and seeing the wire work you are doing. Dragon Wings is my favorite. I really like the path you have take with the new pieces.