Thursday, July 12, 2007

YOJ: Week 23, 28 & 29 wooo hoo I"m caught up!!

Week 23 : Water to drink. This really captured my imagination, and I played with a couple of different ideas.. one I still want to do at some time... but what I ended up was working in my head about how you need water to live... and that juxtaposed with how many people out there just coast in life, without really taking all it can offer... without "drinking" it all in. So I call this "life to drink" It's a pin approx 3 inches high, I'm very happy with out it turned out, if not how long it took!!! As a metaphor I'm quite happy with it.. you never know what you will get in life, but it comes in a pretty container and has a red straw. If you keep that in mine and suck hardy, life can be good! The technical aspects of it I"m very pleased. Its the first pin back I've actually made, all the pins to date I've just wired on a manufactured finding. As you can see in the pictures that wouldn't have worked, I didn't want a pin back to interfere with the openness of the piece. I've never done so much binding in my life, it took hours.. and using 21ga as the base makes it very light and delicate. I've very lightly hammered it for strength, and I"m going to tumble it once I get the chance.

Week 28: with this week I'm caught up. Theme is Phoenix or Dragons. Ok I"m kind of squeaking on this one. I was playing around with pearls and copper wire, and decided to make one in pearls, crystals and sterling... turning the pendant upside down and then sideways, I realized how much it looked like a wing... a very simple pared down one... and I started to think "bone" ... so Fossil Dragonwing was born. I love how the earrings turned out.. the pendant is done in 21 ga sterling, the earrings in 24 gauge. 24 is sooo soft it's hard to make it retain the shape.

Week 29: As I'm out of town next week, I not only had the goal of catching up, but getting 1 week ahead, so I can stay caught up! Themes were Bronze Beauty ( whatever the heck that is!! ) and mercury raising. I don't know about where you are, but the weather the last few weeks has been hotter than hot! It took me very little time to come up with this one, I call it "Too darn hot!! " It's pretty self explanatory. I did a very light texture on the sides of the frame, to give the hint or suggestion of the gauge marks.

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