Sunday, July 29, 2007

YOJ: Week 30: Sunrise Fiesta (off topic)

I have a feeling I'll be doing lots of off topic on YOJ this quarter... partly it's that time of year, I"m just trying to tread water on inventory needs for summer shows, and partly because so many ideas are just banging around in my head, and I want to get them all done. I started this set, "Sunrise Fiesta" 3 months ago? I'd made this bracelet using chain and homemade headpins and luscious pearls, done in greens, beige and pinks. I loved it, and wanted to make a necklace just like it... only I didn't have enough pearls to make the matching necklace. I grabbed the pearls and made up a mix I liked even better (purples, royal blue, light blue, aqua, greens, fuchsia, pink) and made a mess of headpins. Went to the chain pail and *GASP* I only had about 7 inches Left of chain. It has to be simple cable, in alternating links to work. I bought some chain only it wasn't the same size, and didn't work as well. I finally had to borrow some chain from a friend to work on it.. then the show season started. I would get it out here and there and work on it, but with lots of interruptions. Well I took it on the trip, and got a bracelet done, and about 10 inches on the necklace, and decided while it looked good on paper, the full 22 inches of it would be a very heavy necklace.

I Stopped working on it for a few days, and while I tried to think Salsa, spicy, all I could think of is ways to finish this project. Finally I re found this clasp I bought at B & B and I knew it had to be in the front... and realized I wanted to make it off center. That's all it took, I finished this I think Thurs? night. Made up matching earrings. To Stared at the necklace some more, and added a few quick wire embellishments to the single strand. Just a few touches, below is a close up of 2 of the elements. I just thought it had to have more visual punch, as the chain side is so busy. Called it "sunrise" because of the colors and "fiesta" cause it is a party! and at least that sort of fits in with salsa / spicy eh? Sorry the photos are alittle dark, I think I need to invest in new light bulbs in my Ott lights.

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