Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Better days, traveling beads and oh my! one more kewl cab!

I love stuff like this!! Heather Powers, a formidable jewelry artist in her own right, and daughter of Beverly Herman (beloved old Internet friend who is also a jewelry artist of extraordinary talents!) is having a Sisterhood of the traveling beads:


This is where you amass a wonderful stash of beads, findings, and other jewelry making goodies and then ship it off to some stranger to pick out items, to replace with her own and then ship it off again. Eventually the box ends up back with the original sender, hopefully filled with treasures from across the country and all different than what it started out with.

What's fun is I remember doing these years and years ago, off old news-net groups. ( do they still have news-net? does anyone under 25 even know what I"m talking about? ) It's a great idea and I'm very pleased it's been revived. I hope I get to be picked for it!! If not maybe I will have to start one of my own!!

As you can see I'm in a much better mood. Part of this is Sunday made up for blah Saturday by being wonderful! Jerry and I took Little Bit to see Cirque De Soliel in Cedar Rapids as her spring break treat. The weather was fabulous.. low 50's, sunny, we ate at a nice little local Italian place, walked to the Stadium and the show was really fabulous. I saw some stuff I've never seen before, at least live. We had pretty good seats, and Jesscera got to see the clowns up close and personal.. and some of the Performers waved at here.. she broke into the biggest old grin! fun fun fun and worth every penny, even with ticketmaster's huge surcharges!!!

Drove home, and just hung out as a family. Very good day!
Since this blog is mostly about the jewelry I make, here is another recent wrapped cab. The depth on the Dichro on this one is hard to see in the pic, but this one turned out so very lovely! Wrapped in sterling 21GA square and 20GA half round, I took my time on the wraps and it shows. I'll be posting new shows on my website soon... stop by to see this and others in person if I'm in an area near you!


The bad Liz said...

This one is stunning and you know I am not a pink lady!! Love it!

Tammy Jones said...

These cabs are so, so gorgeous, Kat!