Saturday, March 13, 2010

ever have one of those days??

yep, you know what I mean. You wake up from a nightmare. No hot water for your shower. The kids are starving and screaming for pancakes, you make 20 and they eat - each - half a pancake.


I could go on... but I won't.

So of course my plan was to make a pendent in PMC today. I should have known better, the way the day was going. I shan't go into details, but nothing turned out right, and I gave up later than I probably should have.

So, in the spirit that things will be better another day, here a glass donut I made a few weeks ago that turned out like it was suppose to! I used a frit mold, but left the middle empty and then prayed it wouldn't flow back and cover the blank spot. it worked! I love wrapping donuts, so many great possibilities in that, so learning how to make them in glass is a major goal of mine. I liked how this turned out so I'm sure I'll make more, but I've got a few other ideas on how to make glass donuts. Since today is not my day, I don't think I"ll try them today, but soon...

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