Saturday, March 20, 2010

I love how this one turned out!


This is what you call a very happy accident! The base is a lovely bit of dichro, the top a very neato glass blown shard that was nearly flat. My last kiln run I had 2 levels.. one full fuse on the bottom closest to the elements. The top layer was for fire-polishing. I accidentally put this in the top load instead of the bottom, but because it's only 2 layers of glass, I got a partial fuse. The 2 layers of glass didn't completely melt together, and it left a channel between the 2 pieces...

Now some fusers actually grind channels in glass cabs, it can aid in wire wrapping.. it gives someplace for the wire to grab on. The wire-wrapping I do is on the outside surfaces, so I don't need a channel for a nice, secure wrap. But who am I to deny what a cab wants to be when it grows up?? It had a channel, so I channel wrapped it.

You can see the channel here...

To top it off, both sizes are very nice looking. Usually in a glass fused piece it's pretty definitive which side is "front" but I could make arguments for either side, so I wrapped it very simply, which allows someone to wear it either way. To spice it up just alittle bit, I used 21GA twisted sterling wire.

I love happy accidents!

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