Thursday, March 4, 2010

Glass Fused Pendants!

OK these might not be the best photos, but I was trying to capture the wonderful dichroic effect of these cabs! Top is a white opal cab with wonderful bumpy texture. This was completely unplanned but I love it. I take notes on most of my glass runs, so I"m hope full I can recreate this again in the future! Wrapped with sterling silver, naturally!

This pink guy is several smaller pieces of clear dichro on a opal pink background, done as a full fuse. I did a fancier more silver intensive wrap on this one, it just called for it. I love the layers on this one!

Last is this blue/green cab. Now this one takes alittle explanation. I've been recycling broken blown-glass pieces in several of my cabs. They start out as broken sharp bits, many with burnt parts and icky overcooked brownish spots. I grind or sand off the icky bits, and then use them as a base to add other colored glass and dichro effects to them. I love them because of the unexpected colors and patterns they come in, once you get rid of the ick. I also love the fact that this broken glass is getting recycled and not thrown away! My sister's pendant a few weeks ago started out life like this.

Now on some of the larger pieces, I melt them down alittle first for easier handling. This one was a large piece that just turned out so very kewl just from the little meltdown!! I fire-polished it to get rid of all the sharp bits and then wrapped it with matching color crystals. I just love how this looks!
More cabs will be coming soon!

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