Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Catch up, final prom pic, grad pictures, and weekend plans.....

OK, I've been lax on blog posting, mostly a time issue.  I've also haven't felt very, well, creative and artsy lately, which could also be blamed on time issues.  

Now that May is over, graduations are done and the show schedule is lighter the rest of the summer.. I'm hoping I'll be a better blogger again.

So how about a quick catch up? 

The Main thing, Jerry and Jesscera both graduated and we had a large and I think, fun party to celebrate a couple of weeks ago.  I wish I had a good picture of her getting her diploma but I don't.  I have however a great picture of Jer & Jess in our doorway just beforehand.... Love the expressions on their faces.. and it's hard to catch Jerry on camera with a smile!  And yes, I made her put on her fancy shoes before Jerry ran her to Knapp Center to graduate.


We cleaned the house, hung up crepe paper streamers and cute little paper grad hats, had soup and cake and invited just about everyone we knew.  After the official hours of the reception we had a game day.  

Now for something cute!  Jesscera's date for prom realized after the fact  that the guy buys the lady a corsage.  He felt horrible about this, so the next Monday after prom, when Jesscera got to the class they share, he had these flowers on her desk for her.  awwwwww!
the belated prom flowers.. He did a good job!
 SO... I have a couple of weeks before my next round of shows.

This is more or less unplanned.  Normally we have shows pretty much every weekend from the start of May to the end of September.  For a variety of reasons that hasn't happened this year.  I could probably still fill in blanks but I really don't want to.  I think I'm getting old.  I think I might be getting burnt out on doing a heavy show schedule.  I think, as long as we can afford it, slowing down wouldn't be a bad thing.  We still have 2-3 shows every month til October.  I can always add a few in the fall if it seems like we need the income, but hopefully Jerry will be working full time again by then.  I think to stay sane and healthy, I need to slow down and take a breath once in a while.

While Jerry and I enjoy doing the shows, when you throw in all the life events we have had this year, I could really use some down time. I look forward to puttering around the studio.. which currently looks like a tornado hit it with a sledge hammer while backing up and dumping a full garage truck load in it. ugh.

It's to the point where It's hard to create because everything is buried and I have no clean surfaces to lay
projects out and what's the point of laying it out if I can't find everything I need to make it???
I've been itching to do some resin as well, and that takes table space to lay it out and let it dry.

I've also bought some materials and haven't gotten them sorted out and put away...
in short, I wish to do nothing as much as to clean - thoroughly!! - and straighten up the studio so maybe I could actually design something worth designing.

I've already started to clean up the studio last night, and this morning I woke up thinking about jewelry designs, so it's already working!

I'm also trying to work out a quickie girl's weekend to see my bestest buddies... keeping fingers crossed.  Not sure it's gonna pan out, but it's worth a try.

And I'm going to get back on regular, 2-3 times a week blogging.  I think it helps me focus on making things. 

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