Sunday, June 21, 2015

Cuffs Part 1

Wednesday when I took the day off to work on jewelry, I got into a cuff mood... I only had 2 left in inventory, so it seemed like a good time to make more.  Here are 4 of them, I'll show the last 2 next post. 

The brass cuff stamping starts out flat, and I bend it into cuff shape.  The challenging part is bending the front piece to match the bottom cuff piece... sometimes if you rivet first then bend it puts stress on the rivets and they pop or loosen up... the holes don't always line up either.  I tend to pend the bottom and top pieces then drill and rivet.  It's more challenging to do it this way, but I feel it's a better, sturdier bracelet as a result. 

most of the cuffs and front pieces have such lovely finishes on them, but the lovely Art Nouveau lady in this pieces was in raw brass.  I think it turned out stunning!

Here is another Art Nouveau style lady, she looks like Alphonse Mucha! 

I'll next  be at The Other Art Show this coming weekend (June 27 & 28) .  Actually the official name is "Artfest Midwest" but everyone calls it the other art show, as it's the same weekend as the big downtown one -- the nationally known and ranked one on the streets of downtown Des Moines.  

Jerry and I always have fun at it, and of course we get cookies serviced pipping hot in coffee cups!  (If you are not familiar with the Iowa State Fair-- Barksdale is the vendor in the varied industry building and they are famous for mini-cookies by the cup and bucket.  

Any art show where I get bakery goods, is well, good!

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