Monday, June 29, 2015

My Show Philosophy

Group shot of recent jewelry I've made!
Shows are so funny... everything can be perfect -- good venue, good booth location, bakery goods handy and lovely weather... and the show tanks for no reason you can phantom.

And yet other shows seem to be a disaster from the get go and yet you do famously !    Jerry and I have pretty much given up guessing anymore, because it just doesn't pay.

The only real factor you can compute,  (I wouldn't call it an absolute factor!) is that really cold weather or really hot humid weather will usually kill a good sales show.

If it's sooo cold they are wearing mittens... they won't try jewelry on and I won't sell much.

And if it's so hot and sticky that no one is comfy, again, they won't try it on, so I won't sell it.  There seems to be a range of 70ish to 90ish that works well.

Even rain won't adversely effect a show as much as too cold or too hot.  Well, OK, driving rain isn't good, but seriously Jerry and I have made a profit with crappy rain, where if it's 100 out we won't.

So if it's a good show, we enjoy it and worry about having enough inventory for the next show.. and if it's a "bad" show we try to enjoy that as well... it might mean visiting other artists at the show more than we can at a busy show, or maybe I pull out and play with parts ( I always have a stash with me just in case!! ) .  Or maybe one of us jumps in the car and visits local antique shops while the other mans the booth.

Whatever, if it's slow, we try to make it a positive experience in ways other than profit.  

So I guess what I'm saying is a bad show is really a show where Jerry and I are in bad moods... cause any other mood we can find something to be happy about! 

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